All Seasons Bokashi™

All Seasons Bokashi™ helps to convert food waste into high quality compost.

All Seasons Bokashi™ is used as:
• Compost starter in home composting efforts
• Compost starter in large-scale composting operations
• Odor Controller

All Seasons Bokashi™ can be used in conjunction with the All Seasons Indoor Composter®, or other compost bins, to reduce odors and initiate the breakdown of kitchen waste to be used as compost.

In a kitchen compost bucket, sprinkle All Seasons Bokashi™ directly on top of kitchen food waste and close the lid. It is very important to cover the entire surface of food waste with All Seasons Bokashi™. When added, All Seasons Bokashi™ will prepare food waste to become high quality compost. Repeat the process, until the bucket is full. The sweet, pungent aroma of the treated food waste is a good sign that the composting process has begun.

All Seasons Bokashi™ can also be sprinkled in house plants one or two times per month.
For large scale applications in agricultural settings, contact

Wheat Bran, Rice Bran, Purified and Structured Water, Sugar Cane Blackstrap Molasses, Mineral Rock Salt, SCD Probiotics Technology. May contain wood shavings.

Available in the following quantities: 1 gallon - 2.2 lbs.

Store All Seasons Bokashi™ in the original, air-tight bag.

Price: Check with your favorite online or local retailer for pricing information.