How To Bury Your Fermented Waste

Once the bucket is full to capacity, the waste can be buried. If you have two All Seasons Indoor Composters, begin the process again in your second bucket. Let the waste from the first bucket continue to ferment for 10-14 days or for any additional length of time.

You’ll be ready to bury to contents of the bucket when the ground is ready. If you have only one bucket, the waste can be buried as soon as it is full. Even though the waste on the top has not had much or any chance to ferment, the waste will still break down quickly because of the micro-organisms accelerate the process.

Food waste fermented in the All Seasons Indoor Composter will look different than other compost that has decayed. As the food waste does not breakdown or decompose while it is in the bucket, much of its original physical property will remain and it will have a pickled appearance. Don’t worry! Breakdown of waste will occur after it has been transferred to the soil.

Composting 101 with All Seasons Indoor Composter