All Seasons Indoor Composter®

Dimensions: 16"h x 10"w x 10"d.

Volume: 5 gallon bucket

Available colors: Tan, Black and Marble
(check with your favorite online or local retailer for their selection)

Parts: Each composter comes with a perforated tray in the bottom of the bucket that collects the nutrient-rich compost “tea”, and an air-tight lid to ensure the fermentation process works.

Ingredients :
Black option: 75%-recycled Plastic soda bottles
Tan option: Virgin plastic

Storage: The All Seasons Indoor Composter® can be placed under the kitchen sink or another convenient location --- perfect for any size household.

Price: Check with your favorite online or local retailer for pricing information.

Beware of Counterfeit SCD Probiotics Indoor Composter Products!

Please beware of counterfeit SCD Probiotics’ products online. SCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor Composter® is being imitated and sold at inferior quality through Amazon and other unauthorized channels. These inferior knockoffs are not produced by or for SCD Probiotics or under its control. These products do not meet SCD Probiotics quality standards and are not covered by SCD Probiotics warranty. The All Seasons Indoor Composter® is made with high- quality materials, including components such as our spigot and tight fitting lid, and some models contain recycled plastics. When purchasing the product, look for SCD Probiotics® logo. Purchase through an authorized retailer or call the SCD Probiotics customer service line to place your orders.
Please report any suspicious products to Customer Service at 913-541-9299 or