Liquid Probiotics for Home and Garden

SCD Probiotics products are all natural, biodegradable, not chemically engineered or genetically modifided. Safe for use around children and pets, SCD Probiotics are products made for a sustainable future - for your family and for our planet.

SCD Bio Klean™
A Probiotic Cleaning Concentrate
An all-natural, probiotic cleaner containing powerful microbes which break down grease, grime and dirt. It reduces toxic substances and controls pathogens that cause disease.
  • Use it in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and counters instead of chemicals cleaners.
  • Pour it undiluted down you drains to keep them free of sludge.
  • Pour it in you backyard ponds to keep the water clear.

SCD ScentGuard
Probiotic Odor Neutralizer and Remover
An All-natural, environmentally-friendly non-toxic odor reducer containing powerful microbes which inhibit odors commonly found around the house.
  • Spray it in and around you compost area to reduce bad odors.
  • Spray it directly on you pets.
  • Great for reducig odors in the house caused by mildew, smoke, or sports gear.

SCD Bio Livestock®
A Probiotic Livestock and Pet Supplement
An All-natural, probiotic feed and water additive that improves the underlying microbial ecology of your pets to one that is balanced and healthy.
  • Add to your pet's water bowl to help strengthen their immune system.
  • Spray on their food supply to help reduce waste odors and build their natural denfeses.
  • Use topically to help improve your pet's skin/coats.

SCD Bio Ag®
A Probiotic Additive for Farm and Garden*
An All-natural, environmentally-safe solution for use in organic farm and garden application. Produced through a natural fermentation process, SCD Bio Ag® serves as a cost-effective alternative to chemical products.
  • Spray on the compost pile in your backyard for accelerated composting.
  • Include in your watering system to help control pets in your yard.
  • Dilute and use a non-chemical fertilizer for your flower boxes and indoors plants.

*Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic production.