All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit
The perfect starter kit for composting food waste right in your home. It includes both a conveniently sized composting bucket and an initial supply of All Seasons Bokashi. This unique system jump-starts a fermentation process, recycling kitchen scraps into an organic compost soil conditioner while reducing odors. The All Seasons Indoor Composter Kit ferments your food waste in less than half the time of conventional composting methods.
Available Size: 5 gallon bucket (Black or Tan)

All Seasons Bokashi
All Seasons Bokashi is used to accelerate the fermentation process of food waste while reducing foul odors associated with fermentation and decomposition. All Seasons Bokashi can also be used as a microbial inoculant and decomposing accelerant for yard and garden compost, compost toilets and other situations where a liquid would be less effective.
Available Size: 1 gallon bag

SCD Probiotics Barn Kleaner
SCD Probiotics Barn Kleaner works as an effective cleaning agent and reduces general odors associated with barns. It can also be sprayed directly on manure to help mitigate odor and accelerate decomposition. SCD Probiotics Barn Kleaner is chemical free, non-toxic and biodegradable. Used regularly, it reduces reoccurring problems with flies and other barnyard insects. Available Sizes: 1 liter (33.8 oz.), 1 gallon, 5 gallon