SCD Probiotics Digestive Health for Dogs
Unlike humans, dogs’ digestive systems are shorter and generally have more acidic stomach conditions. This requires special consideration as we make their dietary decisions. That’s where SCD Probiotics Digestive Health™ for Dogs comes into play. Our concentrated formula may reduce the reemergence of harmful bacteria and ¬the destructive effects of diarrhea, while promoting healthy digestion†. Lab trials and held studies have proven SCD Probiotics® products effective, in terms of stomach-acid survivability. In vitro studies have shown that the active microorganisms grown survive in simulated stomach-acid levels (pH 3.0 and pH 2.0) 16 times better than the leading brands*.
Available Size: 8 oz.

SCD Probiotics Equine
SCD Probiotics Equine Plus™ helps protect your horse or foal against gastric and nervous disorders, colic, diarrhea and scouring disease and stress. This probiotics supplement is designed to help your horse through tough transitional periods and enhance its daily health.
Available Sizes: 1 liter (33.8 oz.), 1 gallon

SCD Probiotics Breath Spray™
Dogs didn’t earn the expression “dog breath” without some stinky kisses along the way. Dog breath is normal; it can be attributed to their unique digestive makeup.

Not to worry, though. Our probiotic-based formula works to combat bad dog breath with millions of beneficial microorganisms, attacking and neutralizing the source of odor and replenishing it with good microorganisms†.
Available Sizes:4.4oz (130ML)

SCD Probiotics Coat Care™
When Fido’s coat isn’t well maintained, just one stroke of affection can leave your hand feeling grimy and in need of washing. At SCD Probiotics®, we make clean coats easy. Because that’s how dog care should be. A couple spritzes work to ward off foul odors and dander, while restoring shine in otherwise lackluster coats†.
Available Sizes: 12 oz. (360 mL)