COMPOSTING MADE EASY! Turn meat, bones, dairy and food scraps into organic soil conditioner.
To get started - You will need the All Seasons Indoor Composter and All Seasons Bokashi. First, lightly dust the bottom of your All Seasons Indoor Composter with All Seasons Bokashi. Be sure not to block the small holes in the bottom of the tray. Before you add food scraps, chop everything into small pieces. This allows for greater surface area for the microbes to feast on. You can use (small) bones, cheese, coffee grounds and meat as well as all fruits and vegetables.

Add food scrapes to the bucket, in layers (up to 3”). Dust each layer with a healthy handful of Bokashi. When putting in meat, bones, cheese, coffee grounds or other hard to decompose materials, use more All Seasons Bokashi than normal.

Use a wooden spatula or spoon to mix the food scrapes and All Seasons Bokashi. Once mixed, sprinkle a little more Bokashi on the top.
Minimize exposure to air by placing a plastic bag or plate over the top and press down. Leave in place until the next use. Close lid tightly. Repeat steps
4-7 each time food scraps are added and All Seasons Indoor
Composter is full.
Drain compost “tea” every 2-3 days or as needed. Dilute the “tea” (one tbs./gallon of water). Use immediately on indoor plants or outside in the garden.
When the bucket is full, dig a hole in the yard and bury the compost. The fermented compost will break down in approximately 2 weeks in the summer and one month in the winter time.